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HAL to India @ 100


Bhagiratha attempt started by worshiping Kundaranahalli Gangamalla dated 01.08.1988 to implement concept while grazing buffalo

Date: 06.02.2023 H.A.L. UNIT LOKARPANE

A man should have desire – not too much desire, Where is your village? Where is H.A.L?- Mr. G.S. Basavaraj

35 years of Bhagiratha attempt. War Temple at Village Gubbi H. A. L. Hero- Mr. G. S. Basavaraj

The story of the HAL unit coming to our village

Tumkur District, Gubbi Taluk, Nittoor Hobli, Marashettihalli Gram Panchayat, Kundaranahalli is my hometown. Even in a family suffering from poverty the wonderful dream that I had that day came true and I was born in this town I feel that “My Life Fruitful”. To Mr. G.S. Basavaraj who worked tirelessly, to me and who step with us was very happy beyond limits.

Biderehalla Amrita Mahal Kaval Tumkur District, Gubbi Taluk, Nittoor Hobli, Biderehalla Amrit Mahal Kaval, the total area in Survey No. 1 is 2,487 acres and 17 guntas. Previously shared through Dharakhastu. The land is 439 acres 35 gunte. The land transferred to the Forest Department is 1093 acres. The land transferred to the Revenue Department in 1956 was 929 acres 34 guntas.

It is situated in 102 km from the state capital Bangalore and 32 km from Tumkur. It is near to National highway-206 from Tumkur to Tipatur. About 2 kms from Sagaranahalli gate, to the gate of Kundaranahalli, Sopanahalli, Thimmalipalya and Yallapur and about 150 m away from National Highway the vast Amrita Mahal kaval is situated.

From different parts of the district many people migrated to the area and putting up huts and was being ploughed in government land. This area was called as “GUDLU” Started by worshipping Kundaranahalli Sri Gangamallamma Mother God came from Andhra Pradesh and settled in our village, which is the original Kunchitigara’s Galeru Bedagu community home goddess.

It is house goddess for about 65 families of the two states of Karnataka and Andhra. A village deity based in our village. Sri Hanunthappa of the Valmiki race of Kyatasandra lived in our village. He was a Hindi master in secondary school, Adalagere. He studied astrology, shastra, panchanga thus he used to suggest solutions to the difficulties and happiness of the people. When my father fell ill, he brought the Goddess Purana book and he suggested to read and worship the book and keeping it below the pillow while sleeping. In that book it was written that “Any work done by Ex-voto to Devi will be guaranteed”. On 1.8.1988 at Sri Gangamallamma Temple at Kundaranahalli village, I prayed to mother to give me strength to start a big industry in one oth the government lands in Biderehallakaval, Gubbi Taluk. This reward is today’s our family is the worshiper of 108 Shaktipeeths in the world to make Shaktipeeth campus motivation is unmistakable.

  Dream of Sri G.S. Basavaraj Mr. G.S. Basavaraj, who was a member of Lok Sabha from Tumkur, also dreamed about to setup Coconut Research Center industry in this land. For some reason, his wish was not fulfilled.

  I got to know him in 1990 and since then our continuous efforts have been an achievement is infallibility. Allotment of 151 acres, Bagar Hukum Farmers’ Assembly On 10.09.1992 at Sri Anjaneyaswamy Temple, Kundaranahalli village a meeting of the surrounding farmers who were cultivating land was called and decision was taken to allot this land to the farmers or start a business. In the development that followed, about 1,000 people from the surrounding villages who were cultivating the land under the Bagar Hukum project and 6-7 families were working as watchmen ignored everyone. 

   The luck of those who came from somewhere and pitched a hut was good. Under the Bagar Hukum project about 151 acres 35 gunte land was approved by the then MLA y D. G. S. Shivananjappa. We came to a decision that in the rest of the land let us grant any enterprise or we should get each two acres of land allotted. Reservation of land for large enterprises

  At the request of Shri G.S. Basavaraj, then Member of Lok Sabha, on recommendation of Mr. S.M.Krishna, then chief minister and Sri. H.C. Srikantaiah then revenue minister, as decided in the Gubbi Taluk Bagar hukum Sakrama committee meeting on 18.10.2002 a total of 754 applications including 437 in Form No. 53 and 317 applications in Form No. 50 was dismissed. Then MLA D. Veeranna Gowda did a very good job by dismissing this.

  Since then, there have been a series of court cases but won all the cases. Strong Efforts for sanction of several projects After joining with Shri G.S. Basavaraj we worked hard for sanctioning several projects. Thousands of letters wrote by M.P. by insists of Mr. TR Raghottama Rao.

1. Cancer drug manufacturing plant from Kasikangale plant,

2. Efforts to establish Tumkur University,

3. For effort to establishment of artisan unit under the leadership of Village Development Committee of Dharamsthala,

4. Efforts to set up gas based power plant,

5. Efforts to establish AYUSH Research Center and University,

6. Effort to establish choir park,

7. Effort to establish international mega market,

8. Efforts to establish a tourist center of international level.

9. Efforts for Education Hub under Tumkur Nimz,

10. Efforts to establish Agricultural and Horticultural University,

11. Efforts to establish Artisan Hub,

12. Effort to santion of Fodder Production Center and Dairy Research Center,

13. Efforts to set up Agri Logistic Park,

14. Efforts to set up railway coaches,

15. Efforts were made to establish a Coconut Special Economic Zone.

  The smell of monasteries Rumor has crawled that allotment of land to Siddaganga Math and Chunchanagiri Math, and land has been allotted to Huchche Gowda of D. Banasandra.

   Industrial estate When Shri B.S.Yeddyurappa was Chief Minister, Shri S. Suresh Kumar who was the Minister in Charge and his Private Secretary Mr. A. R. Manjunath and K. I. A. D. B. Land Acquisition Officer Mr. Ramakrishna, as made the announcement as an industrial area on my request.

Land for steel factory Feed everyone chillies, sanction for steel factory in this farm land under the single window scheme is also a history in this land. Again it was Mr. G.S. Basavaraj who cancelled it. When the protests against this project started, numerous leaders of Gubbi was accused me.

Voter Manifesto Promise In the 2009 Lok Sabha elections, the Development Revolution Forum was launched the manifesto of the electorate, and factor added in this Voter Manifesto for sanctioning of any unit to the Defence Department of the Central Government in this land. In the 2009 Lok Sabha elections, about each of the issues in the voters’ manifesto that was released released by Development Revolution Forum, a letter was prepared by the forum to the Karnataka State Government Departments and Central Government Departments. Shri.T.R. Raghottamarao Prepared a letter to various Departments of Union Government. A letter was written by Tumkur Lok Sabha Member Shri G.S.Basavaraj to various Departments.

 Accordingly a request was sent by Shri G.S. Basavaraj to the Union Defence Minister. About every issues for all departments of state government Minister-in[1]charge of Tumkur District Shri S.Suresh Kumar and his private secretary Shri Dr. A.R. Manjunath repared a letter on their own initiative. The Minister did not write to the Defence Minister of the Union Government. From Hon’ble Chief Minister we decided to write.

  Later PMB was allotted to Amrit Mahal Kaval, Biderehalla, Gubbi Taluk. While visiting Karnataka State Udyog Mitra State of Karnataka to collect information about the project of Metallic Private Limited, a mini Kurukshetra took place there. Karnataka State Udyog Mitra has one officer for each sector. When I visited, the officer concerned with PMB Metallic did not meet. But I consulted with some officials. One of them was Mr. Gangadharaiah, who was in charge of the Aerospace Division, hailed from the Tumkur district itself. There I told his that already a letter wrote from Shri G.S. Basavaraj to the Defence Minister of the Central Government. We have to approve any project of the Department of Defence.

   I showed and gave him the manifesto and informed him about It has been published in Voter’s manifesto. It is not appropriate to give government land to private individuals. What environment is the land in? I mean it’s happy to watch. Suitable space for ‘education hub and health hub’ I said. From Mr.Gangadharaiah’s Amrutavani who was looking after the aerospace department there, got great information that they were looking for Land for setting up combat helicopter manufacturing unit by HAL.   

  Immediately, Venus Fortune started for Bidarehalla Amrita Mahal Kaval. The stage was set to build Soldiers Temple. He was also responsible for the work of this department. He taken away coconut saplings and jackfruit saplings from Mr. G.S.Basavaraj’s garden. Discipline of MP’s father-in-law Mr. Sivanna, I also belong to his constituency I was also happy to know the information. Also in H.A.L. is Shri Mallikarjuna Swamy. With him talk to the MP and gave his number, then it started joint work. Indeed, I cannot forget the cooperation of these two in my life.

 I first mentioned the fact that they are looking for land to set up a combat helicopter manufacturing unit by HAL owned by the Defence Department of the Central Government to Shri.T.R.Raghottam Rao, We talked about writing a letter to the Defence Minister to sanction this to Bidarehall Amrit Mahal Kaval, Gubbi Taluk. Noble man was as happy as having milk and rice. He expressed happy that something flashy for us that we have included the unit of thedefence department in the voters’ manifesto.

  Since then he started write a letter to the central government through Mr. Basavaraj. HAL unit sanctioning effort Shri G.S. Basavaraj elected as Lok Sabha Member in 2009 Lok Sabha Elections. After this an attempt was made to sanction the HAL unit on this land started. Voice of Shri G.S. Basavaraj In the beginning by Shri G.S. Basavaraj, told that ‘a man must have a desire – greed It shouldn’t be, where is your hometown, where is HAL, What is this play?, it is right to writing such a letter from me. I didn’t bothered about MP’s words.

  When it was okay to write, I didn’t bother, I told him it was not to pay any bill or not a transfer deed. If you want sign it or leave it, I said. Then he said it was okay to write. So, I will sign even if Parliament comes to Kundaranahalli. The sign by him at that golden time was made today became the foundation stone for HAL Lokarpana.

 Well, both of us went to Bangalore, I invited Gangadharaiah to Pai Hotel for roti lunch and there was a long discussion. He helped HAL Officer Mr. Mallikarjuna Swamy spoke to on the phone. Since then, MPs have started and caught them like leeches.

Union Defense Minister Shri A.K. Antony is a very good man and should not leave now. Let’s do something and free this place, we both live next to each other. We were there. He shared his memories of the incident. BJP in the state – UPA government at the centre State Government Elected People’s Representatives and Officials BJP in the State -There is a UPA government at the centre. Words that are difficult to get approved for our state were continuous.

  Basavaraj’s good relationship with BJP, KJP and Congress has helped to initiate this project. Here it can’t be wrong that it was beneficial. Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh, Mrs. Sonia Gandhi and Defence Minister Shri AK Antony’s cooperation should not be forgotten. Although initially there was a BJP government in the state and a UPA government at the centre. At the sanctioning stage, there are two sides, the Congress government and Shri G.S. Basavaraj was in the Congress for a long period of the project contributed to the sanction. Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh, Mrs. Sonia Gandhi and Defence Minister Shri AK Antony’s cooperation should not be forgotten.

  The former minister Oscar Parnandis has told Chief Minister Shri Siddaramaiah tha Smt Mrs. Sonia said, support Mr. G.S. Basavaraj. The Congress government was able to fully cooperate. Three days each the experience of waiting the night and being recommended by Oscar is truly amazing Unforgettable The letters to the Prime Minister, Defence Minister and Officers of the Central Government continued in series.

 Letter to Shri D.V. Sadananda Gowda, Chief Minister. On 06.05.2012 a letter was written for allotment of land to H.A.L. to the then Chief Minister Shri Sadananda Gowda, To Shri Murugesh Nirani, Minister of Large Industries by Shri G.S. Basavaraj.

  500 acres of land in Bidar Information that steps have been taken to start HAL units in Bidar,Gulbarga and Shimoga districts. in Karnataka State collected by Shri T.R.Raghottamarao and also Kannada Prabha newspaper report on

 01.09.2013 made me sleepless. Co-operation of D.C. Shri KS Sathyamurthy There is a government land at Bidarehalla Kaval, Gubbi Taluk, Tumkur District, here A manufacturing unit combat helicopter from HAL owned by the Defence Department of the Central Government can be started.

This was convinced to the central and state governments elected representatives of all departments concerned and at all levels by Tumkur Lok Sabha member Shri Although G.S. Basavaraj. Though he was successful in a way, there was a setback in the making records for the land. Mr. Raju and Mr. C.Somasekhar were the District Commissioners of Tumkur although they received a letter from the Government of Karnataka during their period, what did both of them do during their period even the MP and I do not know the information that they did.

  After almost all the conciliatory developments took place, Mr G.S. Basavaraj made a phone call to me and asked at what stage the land record is, he asked me and I was shocked, When I told him that Sir, I will enquire about it about it, he said “You became like a sourdough in good time, see first”.

 Then I called to Mr. KS Sathyamurthy, who was the District Commissioner I asked him Sir, at what stage is the file for giving land to HAL unit? He said who are you, I said I am Kundaranahalli Ramesh sir, MP wanted information about this, he said that he did not know about this and will inform. I said ok sir.

  After three days I spoke again to DC, he said that he saw everything, even though the two DC’s of yours and the letter came long ago from the government Why hasn’t it been recorded yet, he joked. When you need it? I will make a good plan and send it. MP also spoke to me he said. Sir, let’s see in a week, I said. After about 8-10 days, the DC himself called and told that he had file a document with the government. When I was told that there is about 772 acres and 3 tons of government land

 I am very happy, thank you sir, I said. When the MP and I went to the revenue department and inquired. They told that the document came. They Said, they will obtaining the permission of the Minister of Revenue and approval in the Cabinet.

  Argument with D.C. Shri KS Sathyamurthy Mr. G.S. Basavaraj was happy about the land record of 772 acres was sent. On that side District Commissioner Sathyamurthy called a secret meeting, in that meeting ‘Big People’ said, H.A.L. unit should not happen in Bidarehalla kaval in Gubbi taluk, tell me what can be done, who are Ligayaths here? I am sir someone told me, you are good for us. I will tell the MP. I am responsible for convincing them. But, ‘only he should not know about it’ and Let’s go to the place. They have gone to the place.

  I got the phone, DC will do something katarnak works, but the without record did not say anything to the MP. Mr. Nakul, who was AC, hates this. The news came that he had said that he did not want the job, but only within 20 days A false report was sent to the government.

   It should have been brought to the notice of the MP immediately after dispatch, both of them going to Bangalore. I requested him to talk with DC and asked him what level the land record. If he phoned the DC, the DC said there was no land there, sir Kundaranahalli Ramesh has done all the miss guide. MP told to DC you sent me that there are 772 acres, but now you told there are only 300 acres and not so for the HAL unit.

  The MP hangs up the phone and says what the hell DC, then sir tomorrow I will come to the DC office and call all the officials for a meeting and tell me to do the same. Call me and tell me sir. He said the same thing to the DC MP’s head also got hot.

 He said what is this story? He asked. There is someone in the car, I said, let it be sir. I will see you tomorrow. For two minutes I got a call from the District Commissioner’s office. Sir, there is a meeting tomorrow at 10 o’clock DC said to come.

I said I will come sir. When I went to the office of the Principal Secretary of the Revenue Department in Bangalore and asked. Instead of the true report, another false report was put forward. I told all the story I knew. I could not sleep in the night, I read Devi book all night.

While going to the morning meeting, I called Mr. TR Raghottamarao, Mr.I M.S. Rudramurthy and Mr. Sivakumar and all of them were kind to me like Development scholars. Along with MP, Mr. Koppal Nagaraju and Mr BS Kailas arrived.

The MP went to the DC’s chamber, we sat in the hall, The District Commissioner’s office has told me that MPs called me and I should come, but I told him that I am not here let me them tell. All the officials attended the meeting, including the MP and it was a packed meeting. DC:-District Commissioner started.

   Look, there is no land in Bidarehalla kaval. There is only 300 acres in which H.A.L. unit is not possible. A few people just lied about the land. People’s representatives have gone astray.

Me:- Sir stop talking. you are lying.

DC:- Am I Sathyamurthy not lying,

Me:- Then is it not false that there are 300 acres?

DC:- According to the Right to Information Act you have to take a record and say?

Me:- Myself giving the original document to your office, I asked your officials. I I have given application to your office before Anna Azare says to do RTI.

DC:- Why did you lie again?

Me:- You are lying, you gave it while giving notification to KIDB, Is the record false? Is the document you sent earlier false? This is except for one of you let’s tell someone who is lying?

DC:- The talk became too much, What did you think about me?

Me:- I thought you are a politician as a DC. I am a farmer, you are nothing to do anything to me. Word after word grew, heated exchange continued, both of them did not decrease, those who were in the meeting were something spoke. Both of them didn’t listen, to tell the truth, both of them did not behave like human beings

Finally the MP said to the DC sit down and say to me please keep quiet. He told to DC that now we will do one thing and call a meeting of the farmers at Bidarehalla Kaval. Let’s decide in peasants presence.

DC:- Farmers will kill me.

Me:- If they come to kill you, I will protect you.

DC:- You have to come during the survey, if you don’t come I will ‘exile’ you.

Me:- Shut up. I haven’t done any Halka work as you to exile me. If you have worked for 30 years on salary, I have worked for 30 years free.Did you think I am your house servent ? my language went astray. The MP intervened again and told to DC that he provide police protection, come and I will make sure not to kill you. Look, he is from that town, he knows everything. Also, no one paid him to do this job, keep calm, someone have gave wrong information to you.

The people of the colony are good, let them leave their place, they don’t do murdet, they will do Mangalarati if there is space left, they are all my disciples, he said to DC. This is the ‘Mangalarati report’ You see, he is DC, it’s wrong if you yell like that, let’s see. Today every thing is not over, we need some peace, this is not good, Is not Chief Minister is there? He scolded me to be silent and not to say another word.

DC:- Ok sir, let’s have a meeting as you said, then we will take appropriate decision. Let’s do it. MP said don’t be late, do it in 3-4 days. Meeting concluded Hon. District Commissioner Shri K.S. Sathyamurthy, I am sorry for speak like that in the officers meeting, I know that it was shame to you. But If he didn’t speak like that, the HAL unit would have been an finished chapter. If it hurts to you I apologize now.

Shri GS Basavaraj and Shri TR Raghottamarao didn’t talk to me for three days. I didn’t talk. On the fourth day MP called me and asked me What are you doing in the meeting? Sir that is government meeting. Tehsildar would do it. He told me that the people not to make a fuss.

 Bad act by District Commissioner Shri KS Sathyamurthy Only the District Commissioner Shri KS Sathyamurthy gives three reports in a period of about 100 days with regard to the a government land at Bidarehalla Kaval, Gubbi Taluk, Tumkur District, here a combat helicopter manufacturing unit from HAL owned by the Defence Department of the Central Government can be established. It is said be Mr. Nakul who was Sub-Divisional Officer of Tumkur never made a report as I have not done IAS to give such a report for the false report. It is said to be Tehsildars gives this with afraid .

KS Sathyamurthy Sathya True Report- Dated: 02.08.2013- 772 Acres 3 Gunte

KS Sathyamurthy False Report- Dated: 23.08.2013 – 300 Acres

KS Sathyamurthy Mangalarathi Report- Dated: 16.11.2013 – 610 Acres

In this way, ‘even the governor cannot remove the dot placed by the clerk’ expression may have given this. Copy to Government Officials only in true and false reporting Dispatched. Application to make it convenient to file a case in Mangalarathi report, the strategy of sending a copy so that there is no delay to those who put it is really amazing. Their great intention was for the government land in Bidarehalla Kaval, Gubbi Taluk,

HAL Unit of Central Government should not come. Their lobby is top secret. Political pressure? Previously this land was given to a private company for iron factory. It is about private mines love/affection? They are Must answer. The struggle against such ‘great person’ is enough! O Jayachandra, I fall at your feet Tumkur District In-charge Minister Shri TB Jayachandra was trying his best to take the unit to Shira, his own constituency. Probably I and District Commissioner Mr. K.S. Satyamurthy quarreled with in the meeting itself to for this reason.

It is Inevitability natural for officials should listen to what the District-in-Charge minister says I told Shri G.S.Basavaraj, sir the matter should be discussed with Shri T.B.Jayachandra. The dispute between the two will benefit the third and when the plan for the district would be out of hand he said, “I didn’t say anything. Talk to me.” I went to Bangalore and spoke to Mr. T. B. Jayachandra, Sir, if you, DC and MP discussed everything will be fine. Then he said there is a meeting tomorrow Let’s talk in the DC office and tell the MP too. MP was there in the meeting when I showed up after the meeting. He called Kundaranahalli, come and sit.

Shri T.B. Jayachandra, Shri G.S. Basavaraj, Mr. S. Satyamurthy, Mr. Govindarajura, Zilla Panchayat CEO and I there were only five of us in the meeting at the DC Chamber. Well, TBJ had started talk with DC, what is this Kundaranahalli news, where to the HAL unit came. DC said that Sir Shri Vidyashankar’s said to send the record soon. I will start immediately, Sir, I fall to for your leg, ask him to send a record, if you are lucky you will be the chief minister. Whatever plan you want do it. But this is my dream for many years sir, I said Silence in the meeting, did not speak for a couple of minutes, including Mr. TB Jayachandra. Well DC, I will face anyone in this district but this one Kundaranahalli Ramesh, I don’t like to trouble him, he has commitment.

He said, “Send the record, Basavaraj should do it soon.” He left as he had to go to Shira. It is the history of solving the confusion of Shira and Bidarehalla kaval in just three minutes. Jayachandra have sacrificed with a big heart.

After coming out, Basavaraj teased me what , as the president of a forum you said that you will fall on his feet. I asked him Sir I am and you how many years been together? Why, should it not be 25 years? He said. Have I ever fallen on your feet? No, never fell, is not is. Both you and TBJ seniors, for good job there in no fault in fall on feet. But sir, I don’t know how to act. Basavaraj was also relieved. He said you did a good job, Two year was unnecessarily spoiled, DC will sends, don’t quarrel with DC again, he Said.

This is also an important point. Shri S.R. Srinivasa Former Minister and Gubbi Legislative Assembly Member Shri S.R. Srinivas wants that if his statement about any project in Bidarehalla kaval comes in the media, he or his party’s Hosakere Renukaradhya and others will not let farmers to out of their land So. Making a statement was common for him.

One day, in front of the Hoysala hotel, we met unexpectedly. I said Namaskara sir, immediately he said that you are doing something, at what stage it is ? I asked, What is the matter sir, he said it is the same B.H. Road. Leave it sir, first tell me about Bidarehalla kaval.

He said that you told that I will do something, this thing. You will not do anything, then I replied you are not let me do work by giving opposite statement. He said, Look, I need votes, I will tell, you do it, he said. By the time the matter changed by the arrival of other.

After the DC and I got into a fight, Shri G.S. Basavaraj made the decision for a meeting of the farmers at Bidarehalla kaval. MP was in Delhi. I called him, sir I will meet Gubbi MLA today. Why, you meeting MLA, I said to talk about Bidarehallakaval meeting. Everything you did there will be a against statement in the newspaper. Don’t go, you people will quarrel again, he said.

No. I will go meet and come, I said. I called to Kaveri Service Station Sri Lokesh and Hodalur Sri Vijayakumar I will to meet the MLA tomorrow. When I told me where to come in the morning, both told me to come near the stadium. MP called again in the evening, I told DC to invite MLA for a meeting the meeting will be held under his chairmanship, he said. good job let it be done, we talked about something else. In the morning Viji called to me and asked me to come. They said MLA with them. I went. When Sri Srinivas said what was the news, I said Sir Bidarehalla Kaval meeting, told DC about this. Is it about HAL, Yes sir , I said. Call the DC and call a meeting at the time of MP present, let’s settled the H.A.L matter, he said. What man he says it is becoming difficult, he said. No sir, 100 percent. It will happen, Mr. TB Jayachandra agreed. There is no problem form Bidehhallakaval people.

We can give about 650 acres of land for HAL and remaining left for them. MP too committed to the stand that they should not be disturbed. Well do something. I have been MP since I was young. I listened to you always. The I went to Ambika’s hotel and drink coffee and thanked them and came.

I phoned the MP, what happened he asked. I said you are all thieves, if we come in middle we will in trouble. Why do you say that? Sir, you told DC to call a meeting under the chairmanship of MLA. MLA has told DC to call a meeting when MP is there.

I asked who to trust. He said it okay, tell me. They agreed to give 650 acres of land. He said you did a good job. He said that the very old project will be released. Why did not ask why he has not opposed, Sir is the MLA of that constituency.

If a meeting is not held regarding this, it is fault I said. leave it as is. Even Srinivas was not opposed to this project because of the communication gap that’s it. It is true what the elders say that everything will be alright when the time comes.

Thimpalipalaya important meeting With regard to Gubbi taluk Bidareehallakaval land project we had several meetings on behalf of Development Revolution Forum. Mr GS Basavaraj has also participated in many meetings. But this is the first time that the district administration is officially holding a meeting of farmers. Already It was conducted by the district in-charge minister Mr. T. B. Jayachandra at the DC’s office. MLA Mr. S.R. Srinivasa’s opinion is all complementary was held.

All political parties and associations including farmer organizations of Gubbi taluk I myself invited everyone to the meeting after getting the opinions of the organizations. Surroundings Farmers, unemployed are also invited.

 Later, got the opinions of the group of Bidehhallakaval farmers and almost everyone agreed to the suggestion of giving 650 acres of land to H.A.L. and I did all the exercises I could. On the meeting day I told to MP that you and the DC come together,

 I am coming with the MLA, Praja Pragati Editor Mr. S. Naganna and MLC Mr. Hulinaikkar. MP laughed saying we will come together, is this your strategy here too.

The official meeting is at Thimmalipalya gate, but people came across the MLA’s car to urge hold a meeting at Bidarehallakaval at Kundaranahalli gate. I got down from the car, people said okay. They laughed at me as I was with the MLA

All the cars immediately I said ok sir let’s go here, let’s do there too. All the cars left immediately to Bidarehalla Kaval. Everyone came and sat, I didn’t have a chair to sit. I was standing, the farmers there asked me to sit on it while bring a chair from the house. I sat next to the DC.

 farmers told their plights to MLA and MPs. Although women are crying, I told to Chikkanna that even after talking for a long time, there is no solution. Tell me your direct decision, he said loudly, Look Sir, give 650 acres to HAL and leave the rest to us.

 MP said, ” Okay, both MLA and I are bound by what you said, ” They said MLA will save our colony and went. Everyone clapped. I looked at the DC and asked what would you say, Sir, you told me about murder.He did not speak and got up and left.

People gathered like a fair at the gate park of Thimmalipalya. Even Bidehhallakaval people too there, the meeting there was like an all-party meeting. Both MP and MLA spoke to give 650 acres of land to HAL. When they said that they haddecided, people supported them by clapping, cheering and whistling. The District Commissioner spoke and concluded the meeting. The meeting between the two sides was over in just one hour. All left smiling that it was easily solved.

 Report in papers tomorrow morning state tha Bidehhallakaval people lie across the car and farmers are opposed to give land to H.A.L, the DC grabbed the journalist’s camera, thus this became state level news. I still don’t understand this background/mystery, To correct this news is wrong It took a lot of effort. The material status report came only in Prajapragati. Congratulations to all who participated.

 Account of 192 days due to MPs Any project in Gubbi Taluk Bidarehallakaval Government land attempted since around 1984 i.e. the day Shri G.S. Basavaraj became a member of the Lok Sabha fist time to till date (Date: 11.09.2013) about 29 years and 6 months. From here the 4th term of the MP is over and only 192 days left to announce the election. He started working hard to bring the HAL unit Date: 17.06.2011 i.e. 2 years 2 months 24 days of work reached one step.

I have placed this list before the MP and told him that, Sir in the remaining 192 days Foundation for HAL unit should be done. The MP laughed and said, you are the lineage of Sagaranahalli Revanna, if I say anything, you will be angry at the tip of your nose, It will be, obstinate, though yours is vindictiveness, I do not speak, what am I tell you which office I should go to and whom I should meet every day . It should be done, prepare a plan and let’s see, this is a challenge, he said.

  This is possible only if Hundreds of people from central government, state government and district administration officers and employees work day and night. The DC is 100 percent against this project. No one including the district in[1]charge minister, MLA is following the file. It is confusion for the Chief Minister to which one to choose among Gubbi in Shimoga, Bidar, Gulbharga,, Shira and Gubbi in Tumkur district.

 It also confusion to Revenue department to which district the land should be given. It was iron peanut decide which leaders to listen to. Shri SV Ranganath, Chief Secretary to Government of Karnataka/Shri Kaushik Mukherjee, Principal Secretary, Department of Commerce and Industry, Mr.Vidyashankar/ Smt. Ratnaprabha, Principal Secretary, Infrastructure Department Smt. Vanditasharma, Resident Commissioner, Karnataka Bhavan Delhi, Smt Vandina Gurnani made a firm decision that plan should be brought to any district of our state.

 Tumkur District In-charge Secretary Mr. Vidyashankar/ Smt Shalinirajaneesh had a goal to bring it to Tumkur district. Shri G.S. Basavaraj, BJP MP, Congress government led by Honorable Chief Minister Shri Siddaramaiah and at the Centre the UPA government led by respected Prime Minister Shri Manmohan Singh. In 6 months laying foundation of the project is like a knot inside a mirror.

I was also aware of it. But somewhere on the other hand, I was hoping that this would be possible. Final choice of helicopter location Since HAL has belongs the Defence Department of the Central Government, it is good to select which place is suitable is left to the center and decision is taken from there an idea flashed. It is not appropriate to name the members of this team. This is an excellent expert responsible Team This team effort is very important to reach the HAL to Gubbi.

  1. Shri Narendra Modi, then Honorable Chief Minister of Gujarat State demanded that they will give land and grant them a helicopter manufacturing plant.
  2. Hon’ble Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu State, Ms. Jayalalithaa, demand was we have land to grant us a helicopter manufacturing plant.
  3. Hon’ble Mr. M.M. Pallamrajura, Union Minister from Andhra State, demand was we have land to grant us a helicopter manufacturing plant.
  4. Mr. BS Yeddyurappa, Hon’ble Chief Minister of Karnataka State demand was we will give land in Shimoga and grant us a helicopter manufacturing unit.
  5. Shri N.Dharmasingh, Honorable Former Chief Minister of Karnataka State demand was we will give land in Bidar and grant us a helicopter manufacturing plant.
  6. Hon’ble Shri M. Mallikarjun Kharge, Union Minister of Karnataka State demand was will give land in Gulbarga and grant us a helicopter manufacturing plant.
  7. Hon’ble Mr. T. B. Jayachandra, Minister of Karnataka State, demand was we have land in Shira and grant us a helicopter manufacturing plant.
  8. Honorable Shri G.S. Basavaraj, Member of Lok Sabha from Tumkur, Karnataka State demand was they are giving land in Bidehhalla Kaval, Gubbi Taluk and grant the helicopter manufacturing unit. Centre responds to the allotment demand. We got down to the task with warfooting and it was became a success by the grace of the goddess.

Hand in hand Congress relation-Mr. AK Antony cooperation Union Defence Minister Shri A.K.Anthony has been known Tumkur Lok Sabha Member Mr. G.S. Basavaraj for many years. Basavaraj was in the Congress party for about 40 years.

  Along with Mrs. Sonia Gandhi then President of Congress Party’s Parliamentary Board, Mr. G.S. Basavaraj, worked as secretary of Parliament Board for about 3 years.

He also worked as Election Incharge of Andhra Pradesh Congress Party. Besides, his association with former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi is known to all. Even now Mrs. Sonia Gandhi look at to Basavaraj in the central of Parliament, she talks with him, there is so much intimacy.

 When Mrs. Sonia Gandhi came to Siddhaganga Math in Tumkur, Basavaraj was an MP from the BJP party and went to the helipad to welcom Sonia Gandhi. This was a big news.

 When she landed saw Basavaraju immediately and had a discussion was very enlightening. Shri A.K.Anthony and Shri G.S.Basavaraj lived same place, All these developments are also helped directly describe the status report to the Defence Minister and request to grant the HAL unit to the Gubbi may be inconvenient.

Mr. AK Antony has a straightforward personality, honest, whatever he has news in the Congress circle that any leader is reluctant to ask him to make recommendations. Basavaraj discussed with Antony about the two heavy HAL units and consulted him. He instructed the authorities to Select land and start unit as per rules and law as soon as possibl., There is news that he had discussed the place of Tumkuru with Mr. Basavaraj and inspected the place.

 He joked with Basavaraju that your pile of letters to has already arrived and they are still coming and there was no need to come. The Department of Defence is extremely secret. No one knows which it is. It is difficult to speak even if you know.

Sri Sachidanandaswamyji’s Elephant Force Mr Sachidanandaswamy, former Rajya Sabha member has worked close circle of former Prime Ministers of India, Late Indira Gandhi, Late Rajiv Gandhi and he was the political advisor of Mr. Narasimha Rao. He played an important reel when Shir HD Deve Gowda became the Prime Minister.

Mr. Satchidanandaswamyji and Mr. GS Basavaraj’s friendship was very unique. If Swamiji should go to any country in the world there was a list of known people to him. He used to say I will tell them that they will help you to say any senior IAS officer in the country. He was directly visited to the house of the Chief Justice of any courts and It is customary for people to fall at his feet.

The cooperation of such seniors was also the main reason why HAL came to Gubbi. If Basavaraj sanctioned any major project for Tumkur district, Swamiji’s cooperation would have been there. He is god father for Shri Basavaraj for his high level connection with Delhi. He played a great role with regard to the Gubbi land discussion with Shri Gokul Chandra Pati, Secretary, IAS, Defence Department, Central Government IAS and Joint Secretary Mr. Kamlesh Kumar IAS, Mr Anoop Pujari, and Mr. D.V. Prasad consulted with them about the project. Swamiji took IAS officers, their batch mates and senior officer for dinner at Shri G.S. Basavaraj’s house and told them that say a word to your friends,

since our Basavaraj left with a lot of worry about H.A.L. project. Basavaraj pays at least a month to his home in Bangalore had to go and have dinner and come back, may be every day by phone he was speaking, recently he passed away. He liked Former Minister Mr H.K.Patil and Mr.G.S.Basavaraj very much.

This noble man helped a lot in getting HAL unit to Gubbi. Mr. RK Tygi’s flight arrangements also helped Although the HAL corporate office is in Bangalore, two or three times were scheduled to meet the Chairman Shri RK Thyagi, but not a single time never visited his office. Sitting side by side in the plane while traveling from Delhi to Bangalore Basavaraj told him about land in Bidarehalla Kaval, Gubbi Taluk.

 He was very convincing. His cooperation was also important, and finally the foundation stone could not be laid during his tenure. HAL Gubbi land request letter At last on 20.02.2014 from a letter came from HAL Corporate Office to give Government land to Bidarehalla Kaval, Gubbi Taluk, Tumkur District, Karnataka State.

The meeting chaired by Chief Secretary Kaushik Mukherjee On 01.03.2014 in relation to grant of government land to HAL unit at Bidarehalla Kaval, Gubbi Taluk, Tumkur District State of Karnataka,the meeting was called under the chairmanship of Chief Secretary Shri Kaushik Mukherjee.

Important role of Mr. V. Somanna Before the meeting on 01.03.2014 in relation to grant of government land to HAL unit at Bidarehalla Kaval, Gubbi Taluk, Tumkur District State of Karnataka, under the chairmanship of Chief Secretary Shri Kaushik Mukherjee,Shri V.Somanna’s role was very important. No matter which party V. Somanna belongs to, As a result of his close contact with chief minister and officers, his cooperation in giving Bidehalla Kaval land to HAL unit is unforgettable. When he spoke in the circle of officials, still did not give the map of the land.

This is what the District Administrator told me in his style. Preeti Cad Map Immediately I met my friend Sri Vedananda Murthy of Preeti Cad Consultancy Bangalore. In that office got the map in the evening with the help of Kumari Chandni. It was done and submitted as prepared by the district administration itself.

Shri Srinivas Prasad, Minister of Land Revenue Despite many pressures, objection, obstacles to give Government land of Bidehalla Kaval, Gubbi Taluk, Tumkur District, Karnataka State to HAL unit G.S.Basavaraju met Mr. Srinivas Prasad, the Revenue Minister, what was the talk about this issue when they met in the first meeting, Mr Prasad are committed to what he say by giving them land. A lot of people talked about this issue, Srinivas Prasad for whatever reason will bother to give land, no matter how much they play games It was always said that it would not be possible. We also knew the antidote to this. Srinivasprasad informed his secretary wheneverr Basavaraj comes for HAL land process, even in my absence, If you want to a sign, send it to me and get my order and send it. There should be no delay. Similarly once the file is sent to Mysore for sign and file was signed. If Basavaraj spoke once, he would not change his word and leave the colony, that we don’t need someone else’s matter when he himself said firmly, that indirectly the colony should not be disturbed by giving instructions as said.

Shri D.K.Sivakumar, Minister of Energy provide electricity It is very important to electricity supply to the project if Government land of Bidarehalla Kaval, Gubbi Taluk, Tumkur District, Karnataka State Electricity to be given to the HAL unit. One thing to do is to shifting of the three high-tension power lines in this area It was portrayed as an impossible task to do. Since 2011 between Energy Minister Shri DK Sivakumar and Shri Basavaraj HT is the first thing that comes up when they meet face to face. Shivakumar took this issue before the Basavaraj ask. There was a joke going on as much as he said and then talked. Once at the Karnataka Bhawan in Delhi Basavaraj was speaking with Chief Minister Shri Siddaramaiah. As soon as Mr. D.K.Sivakumar came there when Basavaraj was speaking, he requested Chief Minister that sir please give sanction to HAL project, I am giving current, besides giving H.T. When he said that he will do a lineshift, everyone laughed. Then Shivkumar tols that Basanna is tough guy. He don’t leave it sir, if we had known earlier You or I could have done it, time has passed, let it go sir. By this word he also supported the approval of the entire project.

Mr. Chandrasekhar, an engineer, on the day of Ugadi festival asked Ramesh let’s visit and take care of your lineshift. He visited the place and gave a report within two or three days. That means the entire officers was standing with to implement project at any cost.

Water Resources Minister Mr. MB Patil gave Hemavati water Before giving Government land of Bidehalla Kaval, Gubbi Taluk, Tumkur District, Karnataka State to HAL unit, Hemavati water supply was a miracle to do. Meanwhile, Tumkur district in-charge minister Mr. T. B. Jayachandra Hemavati insisted on allocating Hemavathi water to the Modaluru lake. In addition he also tried to take this project to the Shira.

Earlier when Mr. Basavaraj Bommayi was Minister of Water Resources he was said that no Hemavati water for Gas based power plant at this same place. The project itself was not approved. It turned out really well. Because this project is better than the that plan.

Giving Hemavati water to his project is a big headache for Water Resources Secretary Mr. Gurupadaswamy, Manager Director of Cauvery Corporation Shri K. Jaiprakash and Shri H. B. Malleshwar. It is like No spitting hot ghee – No swallowing.

Mr. MB Patil, the Minister told that you should give Hemavati water for this project. I told Mr. G.S. Basavaraj that I will give him water. Why not give water to the project, is it not a project that will bring name to the state? If you do something, I will give an order. He instructed this to the authorities. One day at 9 o’clock in the night, Water Resources Secretary Mr. Gurupadaswamy, Managing Director of Cauvery Corporation Mr. K. Jaiprakash and Mr H.S.Malleshra on mobile about Hemavati water allocation Discussion, MP slept early that day so as not to disturb him. The consultation lasted for hours between 12 midnight between the higher officer regarding from where and how to give water.

Finally got a bumper idea. Everyone calmed down. At 10 am MP and I went to Sri Gurupadaswamy’s office. Water Allocation sanctioning exercise was discussed, MP said OK it is good idea. It is a proverb that if you go under the mat, we go under Rangoli, He laughed. copy of the order is ready, please send Mr. MB Patil. This is one Suggestion I will come and sign, should it not be discussed in the cabinet yet? He agreed over the phone. Later that day he himself came and ordered as given. This is a clear example That God will show a way to a good work.

Important Resolution of Chief Secretary Shri Kaushik Mukherjee meeting Regarding giving Government lane of Bidarehalla Kaval, Gubbi Taluk, Tumkur District, Karnataka State to HAL unit, a meeting was held under the chairmanship of Chief Secretary Shri Kaushik Mukherjee on 01.-3.2014.

Almost all Departments attended the meeting with documents to express consent. Before the meeting Mr. K.S Sathyamurthy who was the District Commissioner of Tumkur, I felt the need to talk. But as long as you are a DC, I will not to step inside the chamber, I was told him. I decided to speak before the meeting held at Vikas Soudha. By the time I went, he was sitting inside the hall. I called him from the double heavy door.

 He must be surprised too, talking on the phone outside he came. I don’t know he came when I called him or he came to talk on the phone. I go to him immediately and see sir, today you are DC, tomorrow I am not here. Your are aslo not year. all will die one day. Don’t bother, it’s up to you I said that. He said that it is done and went inside.

 At the very beginning of the meeting, Kaushik Mukherjee’s eloquent speech, for me the state is more important I don’t want district politics. That the meeting should end in three words as said.

 Chief Secretary:- What space do you want for HAL?

HAL representative:- We need Gubbi space sir.

 Chief Secretary:- Can District Commissioner give land?

 DC :- Yes sir, the document is ready.

Chief Secretary:- Can water be given?

Water Resources Secretary:- Hemavati water will be given sir.

 Chief Secretary:- Can electricity be given? HT Line Can it be shifted?

Energy department officials:- Can do sir.

Chief Secretary:- Is there anything else for HAL?

HAL representative:- Earlier letter to give land at Rs.1 per acre. It was written sir.

Chief Secretary:- Immediately by phone to Delhi Defence Department officials Talk about whether they are paying ten thousand rupees for an acre or one lakh rupees. Then he himself said the they agreed to give one lakh As usual.

 Chief Secretary:- Talk to Udyoga Mitra, officials, tomorrow is the third date. Present the matter in the meeting chaired by Chief Minister, all departments officials should come with specific document. This is how those who were in the meeting came out and said.

By the grace of God, sir. After drinking coffee in the office, I left. Messaged DC, he said ok Thank you for sending. It was a milestone. SHLCC meeting was chaired by Chief Minister Shri Siddaramaiah With regard to giving Government land of Bidehalla Kaval, Gubbi Taluk, Tumkur District, Karnataka State to HAL Unit, a decision was taken in the SHLCC meeting held on date: 04.03.2014 under the chairmanship of Hon’ble Chief Minister Shri Siddaramaiah. This is a very important stage.

 Cabinet meeting schedule, Lok Sabha election announcement With regard to giving Government land of Bidehalla Kaval, Gubbi Taluk, Tumkur District, Karnataka State to HAL Unit Cabinet meeting under the chairmanship of Hon’ble Chief Minister Siddaramaiah on 06.03.2014 was fixed.

This matter was tabled. But on 05.03.2014 Lok Sabha election was announced and The Election Code of Conduct came into effect immediately.

On 11.09.2013 we set a self deadline and MP Shri G.S.Basavaraj’s 4th term completed and 192 days have passed since the announcement of the election. But we could not lay the foundation stone of the project as per our goal and it came to a standstill.

G.S. Basavaraj won the competition The helicopter manufacturing unit did not come automatically to the Gubbi, and it is sort of unofficially a huge competition G.S.Basavaraj who fought to bring HAL unit during the UPA government at the center and the BJP in the state and Congress two governments, G.S. Basavaraj, won in BJP, supported KJP, then Congress, it is truly amazing what the unit has sanctioned in such a strange situation.

Role of 5 Chief Ministers Three Chief Ministers have fixed mahurta for the Government land of Bidehalla Kaval, Gubbi Taluk, Tumkur District, Karnataka State.

According to the letter of Shri G.S.Basavaraj in 2001, Hon’ble Chief Minister Mr.S.M.Krishna had reserved the land for government purpose.

According to the letter of Mr. Suresh Kumar who was the Minister in charge of Tumkur District In 2009, Hon’ble Chief Minister Shri BS Yeddyurappa has given the order.

 In the year 2012 land to HAL unit as per letter from Mr. G.S. Basavaraj. Hon’ble Chief Minister Shri D.V. Sadananda Gowda has directed to give. In the year 2014 on the letter of Mr. G.S.Basavaraj to HAL unit,

Hon’ble Chief Minister Shri Siddaramaiah ordered to sanction has given. On the letter of Shri G.S. Basavaraj, Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi

Hon’ble Chief Minister Mr. Basavaraj Bommai had the privilege of inauguration. Honorable Chief Minister Shri Siddaramaiah, said no to Shira of Tumkur District, be it Bidar, Gulbarga and Shimoga district. Give Government land to Gubbi in Tumkur district Give government land of Bidarehalla Kaval, Gubbi taluk, Tumkur district for HAL Unit, There is no dispute from us that HAL should give this land because it made a firm decision.

On 3rd January 2016 for HAL Unit Shri Siddaramaiah also got the opportunity to lay the foundation stone with Hon’ble Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Shri G.S. Basavaraj defeated The defeat of Shri G.S. Basavaraj in the 2014 Lok Sabha elections was like a thunderbolt.

Shri S.P. Mudduhanumegouda, Member of Lok Sabha and myself I did not get their cooperation as there was no contact. He became an MP I have no idea what to do.

Frankly my effort alone Continued. Resolution in Cabinet Regarding giving Government land of Bidehalla Kaval, Gubbi Taluk, Tumkur District, Karnataka State to HAL unit ,

Cabinet meeting under the chairmanship of Hon’ble Chief Minister Mr. Siddaramaiah was held on 26.06.2014. Award land to HAL Unit It was fixed. This matter was tabled. That morning, I went to office of Mr. T. B. Jayachandra, the minister in charge of Tumkur district , sir, there is HAL issue in the cabinet today, please. He just said that it happened. It was decided in the cabinet. This is one the most important final step is infallibility.

Administrative Order Regarding giving Government land of Bidehalla Kaval, Gubbi Taluk, Tumkur District, Karnataka State Cabinet meeting under the chairmanship of Hon’ble Chief Minister Mr. Siddaramaiah was held on 26.06.2014 . To award land to HAL Unit Revenue Department to allot land after decision on 21.08.2014. Separately issued an order.

 DC’s letter for payment of money After the decision of Cabinet meeting under the chairmanship of Hon’ble Chief Miniter Shri Siddaramaiah Date: 26.06.2014 to give Government land of Bidehalla Kaval, Gubbi Taluk, Tumkur District, Karnataka State to HAL After Revenue Department dated:21.08.2014 separately gave allotment order A letter written by Tumkur District Commissioner dated:30.08.2014 to to HAL Managing Director for payment of money.

Handover of land from DC to HAL After the decision of Cabinet meeting under the chairmanship of Hon’ble Chief Miniter Shri Siddaramaiah Date: 26.06.2014 to give Government land of Bidehalla Kaval, Gubbi Taluk, Tumkur District, Karnataka State to HAL After Revenue Department dated:21.08.2014 separately gave allotment order A letter written by Tumkur District Commissioner dated:30.08.2014 to to HAL Managing Director for payment of money. On 29.11.2014 District Commissioner handed over the land to H.A.L. Pahani to H.A.L Pahani for 610 acres of Government land of Bidehalla Kaval, Gubbi Taluk, Tumkur District, Karnataka State to HAL unit.

The news of moving to Goa was a nightmare The words of Hon’ble Shri Manohar Parrikar, Union Defense Minister of Goa tha State We will give land and grant us a helicopter manufacturing plant The word came like a thunderbolt.

I wrote a letter for Abhivruddhi revolution forum for the 41 Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha members of the state.

Shri Ashok, MLA from Ramadurga To write a letter from Shri Siddaramaiah, We go cooperation of Shri Ashok Pattanashetty, MLA from Ramadurga and Mr. Ugrappana who is from Tumkur.

Constant visit to Delhi Letters was writte by the following leaders to Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi and Defence Minister Shri Manohar Parrikar,

1. By former Chief Minister Shri BS Yeddyurappa

2. By Shri Ananth Kumar, Union Minister

3. By Shri D.V. Sadananda gowda, Union Minister

4. By Shri Siddeshwar, Union Minister

5. By Shri Oscar Parnandis, Former Union Minister

6. By Shri Prahlad Joshi, State BJP President

7. By Shri KS Eswarappa, Leader of the Opposition in the Legislative Council

8. By Mr. Jagdish Shettar, Leader of Opposition in the Assembly

9. By Shri Kupendra Reddy, JDS Member of Rajya Sabha

Delhi Visit by 35 MPs from State Lok Sabha Members and Rajya Sabha including Mr. HD Deve Gowda, are truly forgettable.

Role of three IAS women Cooperation of Smt Vandita Sharma, Principal Secretary, Infrastructure Department, Tumkur District In-charge Secretary Smt. Shalini Rajneesh and Delhi Resident Commissioner Smt. Gurnani cannot be forgotten.

The efforts of several officials IAS officersincluding Shri Vidyashankar, Shri Jaithiramalingam. Shri D.V Prasad are truly amazing.

DC Go Back Movement A protest meeting was held under the leadership of Swamiji’s in Nittur against the DC for did not physically transfer the land. Go back protest was also took place in front of the District Commissioner’s office.

Arrival of DC Mohan Raj Mr. Mohan Raj and his team came to Tumkur as District Commissioner. He solved all the problems quickly in war footing. His adventure will become a book. Shri Narendra Modi’s government also responded Finding solutions to all problems, without party politics, despite the Congress government in the state,

Mr. Narendra Modi’s government responded to set up a HAL unit in Tumkur. Former Union Defence Minister Late Arun Jaitley, Mrs. Nirmala Sitharaman and Late Manohar Parrikar assisted. Foundation laying of HAL unit Located in Bidarehalla Kaval, Gubbi Taluk, Tumkur District, Karnataka State

foundation stone laying of HAL Unit on 610 acresland held on 03.01.2016. Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi and Hon’ble Chief Minister Shri Siddaramaiah and others were present. Hon’ble Shri Manohar Parrikar, Union Defense Minister of Goa State said in the ceremony that did everyone write a letter impartially, no further fear,

 It is history that has openly said about the unit was launched. Inauguration of HAL unit On 06.02.2023 again Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi and Honorable Chief Minister Shri Basavaraj Bommai and and Shri G.S. Basavaraj participating. It is a pleasure to participate as a member of the Lok Sabha.

Almost 35 years of struggle was rewarded A number of elected representatives, starting with village accountants upt to the Chief Secretary various officials up to the Secretary have played an important role. The cooperation of thousands of people, when the officials came, they were showing the land, giving food, criticizing those who did, those who insulted, those who supported through the media. Thus Pro-opposite memories of each incident in report form preparing and will be released soon.

One development projects of Mr. G.S. Basavaraj’s political period Experience Report, MP’s thousands of letters Prepared by Shri TR Raghottama Rao and 35 years of my experiences getting ready. The first step to working towards a development lobby is the experience of the HAL unit.

 1. Kundaranahalli Model Village

2. Chikkanayakanahalli taluk Tirtha Rameshwar Diamond House God Development Plans

3. Tumkur city

4. Tumkur District

5. The state of Karnataka

thus continuously strived for development Worship the deities of 108 Shaktipeeths of the world based on this solid experience. Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi’s Jai Anusandhan and Chief Minister Shri Basavaraj Bommayi’s Next Era is the Age of Knowledge is in addition to the statement.

Under the leadership of all parties in the state, all former chief ministers of the state Under the guidance of 28 Lok Sabha members and 13 Rajya Sabha members of the state Members, 225 Assembly Members, 75 Legislative Council Members, Delhi In partnership with the representative,

Under the Modiji’s India @ 100 “Nava Karnataka Vision Document- 2047” has been initiated. Unique in the world is the development of the temple, Shaktipetha campus concept Driven. My inspiration is the cooperation/support of my family My father Late K.S. Ramalingaiah helped me like a Street Bull for 35 years Mother Late Parvathamma. My wife Smt B. Sujathakumari, my daughter Smt Inchara. My son G.K.R. Sohan and to the family of my brother Mr. Siddaramaiah who is working for me I must owe.

My son G.K.R.Sohan is a data scientist, which I am still doing developments lobby under the start-up scheme are also available in 224 assembly constituencies of the state for elected representatives, officials on social justice in development and for me, studying to create awareness for those interested in development I feel proud.

A strategy to get more funding from our state and central government, already I am preparing in association with Karnataka Valuation Authority Inspired. Tour to all 108 Shaktipeeths of the world, after darshana of Shaktipeeths, Jyotirlingas, Saibaba preparations began to be made to work hard through the Shaktipeeth campus.

This is a draft, open appeal for your suggestions. –

Kundaranahalli Ramesh – 9886774477

President, Abhivruddhi Revolution Forum,

Founder Shaktipetha Foundation.


Member of State Level Disha Samiti.