13th June 2024


Respected Sir,

Subject : Vruddhashrama like  facility centre a new innovative   approach “Vayomana Vikasana Kendra’s[VVK’s]” to serve ageing Society -reg

As per existing National Policy on Senior Citizens Challenges, The Central Government and State Governments have numerous policies / schemes for enhancing the living conditions of Senior Citizens. In context of great achievements under health sector and alert health conscious among people of modern society resulted in increasing life expectancy of the general population. In short due to adding values to the Human development index, People lives longer and generally in better healthier than before. The ageing Society is a positive notion but yet challenging phenomenon in both urban and rural sectors.

          Making Age friendly Urban may be easier to some extent, due to existing/availability  of age friendly infrastructure, but in Rural the scenario is very different,so also quality of life and  it looks like lazy, sleepy,with un used potential of few aged who are still great contributor to the society in terms of development of water managements, better usage of the  soil potential, environmental  issues of their villages. In order to tap the full potential of these son of the soil people, who represents for continued development of their region, a Vruddhashrama like  facility centre a new innovative   approach “Vayomana Vikasana Kendra’s[VVK’s]” is  to  be created , to serve the  ageing Society.  At these centres, Sr- Citens  can have food and shelter free of cost and these centers be named as “Vayomana Vikasana Kendra’s[VVK’s]”.

 ‘ Further, while some older people in urban sectors aged people are actively involved, valued & supported with   the infrastructure, serves the Society, thus in urban at least have few aged   have advantages, but in rural the majority of aged people   find it hard to cope with the struggles of Daily life and   though, larger of these groups at rural [ little extent at urban] are at risk of dropping out of their families. Further in rural areas Families take care of their Children, but few families neglect aged, as they feel liability to them’ 

This is because of increasing challenges under financial and health care and in some families older people are at the mercy of other family members, though they have great thinking strength and valued visionaries. Hence these precious resources aged people must have supportive platform, in order to tap the full potential. This will also add values to the Human Development Index [HDI factor] . This Govt initiative will have to  provide self respect shelter and, food etc to these neglected aged citizens, as they pay back the Govt. with their  valuable suggestions/ inputs  to the planners of the State Govt/Central Govt. This will become one of the best Social security initiatives    and the  Govt can think of making use of CSR Funds for creating thse type  Infrasture at every Gram panchayat connecting corporate bodies.

 Here comes the importance of  Vruddhashrama like  facility centre a new innovative   approach “Vayomana Vikasana Kendra’s[VVK’s] at Urban /Rural  locations as an  age friendly strategies in respect  of  neglected Sr.Citizens. This will enable making use of their positive thinking mind set especially in rural areas for adding values to the development plan of the locality.. Let all the aged people [sr. Citizens ] shall enroll as members of  these of kendras,  and will be at Kendras through out the day for healthy discussion concerning the issues of their Villages/Panchayath/Districts in the areas of Irrigation, Crop pattern study, Green coverage any other development plan of their Village. These proposed Centers to contain technically equipped infrastructure to handle and library facilities. Hence this centre will be valued and supported infrastructure

It is suggested that every Gram Panchayath to have a centre  to enable exchange of positive of thinking  gained by virtue of their of experience in their life travel, a place for submission of  approach paper, as to how their village / Taluk/District can  move on to development.  At the end of the each Year , the Central Govt  and State  to reward the Aged People who has given universally acknowledged/acceptable    suggestions . This initiative will make the contributor   to the countries development plan is appreciated. This will also enables every Village- every aged Citizen have the opportunity for giving in puts to the “Man Ki Baath” programme as their group discussions/ suggestions ideas will be digitally documented. Hence I request your kind selves will look in to my humble socially desired new innovative initiative Sir,  

          With high regards,                            yours sincerely